A whiplash injury occurs when the head is suddenly forced beyond the normal limits of motion. In the case of a rear-end collision, the neck muscles violently snap the head forward. Then, an immediate reflex causes the head to propel backwards.

In a whiplash injury, the supportive soft tissues in your neck ore often over-stretched or torn and spinal joints can become misaligned.

Misaligned vertebrae can cause the nerve roots and blood vessels in your neck to beome compressed, stretched, or irritated. This may intefere with nerve transmission and blood supply to vital body functions.

The normal curve of the cervical spine is altered and joint motion becomes restricted. Weakened tissues are no longer able to support the vertebrae in proper position. That's why it is so difficult to keep your head upright after a whiplash! The instability of the structures within your neck can cause anything from dizziness and pain, to loss of strength and limited movement.

Dealing with the aftermath of a car accident is very stressful. Aside from having your car in the shop, missing work, and having your insurance rates raised, you will feel pain and stiffness. Many times, the pain and stiffness is not severe enough to miss work, it may become chronic and limit your daily activities.

Car accidents tend to produce injuries despite how low the speed or minimal the impact, with whiplash being the most common injury. The cause is when the automobile stops and the bodies inside continue to move. The technical term for this is cervical acceleration/deceleration (CAD) trauma or syndrome. This describes the injuries of the vertebra and neck, and the muscles that support them.

Many people choose to settle with the insurance company so they can get their car fixed quickly. Unfortunately, insurance settlements may include all damages, including injuries. That nagging stiffness in your neck is very well on its way to becoming a full-blown injury. By the time the injury presents itself, it may be too late, and you may have no recourse with the insurance company.

Seeing Dr. Cross after a car accident will uncover any underlying injuries that traditional medicine may overlook. A Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine will utilize x-rays to assess your spine and determine if you are in need of further treatment. Dr. Cross is an expert in soft tissue injuries and developing specialized individual treatment plans. See our Auto Accident-Whiplash Video!

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