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The world we live in today is vastly different from the world our grandparents grew up in. We have more toxins in our environment and more pesticides on our genetically modified foods. Hybridizing has depleted enzymes that are essential for our food to be broken down and assimilated properly. With the increasing use of computers and electronic equipment, we have more electro-magnetic stresses than ever. In addition, many of us have to relate to toxic people in some of our close or extended circles, and we can unknowingly take on their negative energies. We abuse our bodies with overwork and wonder why we aren't up to par.

After years of study we have come to adopt a system called, "The Brimhall Protocol," which was developed by Dr. John Brimhall and is now taught to Chiropractors, Naturopaths and Medical Doctors throughout the United States. (John Bon Jovi is treated with this protocol before he goes on stage for all of his concerts.) Dr. Brimhall has determined that there are 6 interferences to Health (other than genetic diseases) and has a plan to address each of them.

The causes are:

1. Structural: In anything, structure comes before function. If a spine is misaligned or segments don't move properly, the function of everything served by that area (where the nerves come off the spinal cord) will be less than fully functional. BEWARE, Pain is not always present when dysfunction begins to quietly set in. Re-establishing structural integrity is the foundation of health. 80% of all conditions improve when the structure of the body is properly re-established to allow a free flow of vital energy.

2. Nutritional/Biochemical: Everything affects your chemistry. That includes the foods you eat, the vitamins or supplements you take, your hormonal system, your mineral balance, your hydration level and the quality of the liquids you consume.

Surveys show that 20% of the US population never eats vegetables, and 40% rarely consumes fruit or fruit juices. 80% of the population never consumes whole grains or high-fiber foods. All forms of refined sugar lower the immune system's function and interferes with the ability of the white blood cells to destroy harmful bacteria.

3. Emotional/Mental/Spiritual: Our thoughts are things. Emotion has been shown by the latest research to be a complex reaction between the body and mind. This results in chemical reactions in the brain and cells, which produces energy made of electrical and magnetic nerve signals. These energies or emotions literally have a frequency, which radiates outward from our energy field.

The mind is a field of energy made up of the brain, the body, and the entire energy field. These chemical and energy patterns are stored in the mind-body field and the is called emotional memory. Patterns of thought and behavior are caused by one's perception.

Perceptions and beliefs are represented by the stored configurations of memory held in an electromagnetic field we call our mind. Past experiences and perceptions of them control reflex emotional responses. These emotional reflexes can then be re-played and create interferences to normal functions in life and limit one's ability to perceive situations properly.

4. Allergies and Sensitivities: Conventional estimates suggest that 35 million people in the US suffer from allergies of different kinds. As we remove the interferences to your health, reset your adrenal gland, and correct your nutrition and digestion, we must correct allergies, and sensitivities or they will keep triggering your immune system back into interference. This is a very significant stage of healing and cannot be ignored. More and more people are becoming at odds with nature and substances that exist on planet earth at this point in time. Our immune systems become over-reactive, but they can be re-set to be in proper harmony.

5. Electromagnetics: In this day and age electromagnetic stress-ors are everywhere; power lines, household appliances, computers, TV's, satellite and radio frequency radiation. When electromagnetic pollution begins to accumulate, our entire system becomes stressed to the point of exhaustion. Our vision declines, our cells no longer know how to build and repair the body properly, and illness can set in. We use multi-polar magnets, cell phone protectors and radiation protectors in our homes and offices.

6. Toxins: This is an important buzz word. Heavy metals, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, industrial pollution, auto exhaust are serious problems and are shortening our life span and causing diseases. Researchers and experts in environmental medicine tell us that it is not a question of if our bodies are burdened with toxic overload but "how bad is it". Common problems of toxicity include: headaches, fatigue, general joint and muscle pain, skin disorders like rashes and eczema, and asthma and allergies. Many toxins are neurotoxins like mono sodium glutamate and mercury and affect our brain functions such as memory, quick thinking and moods.

Our Treatment Plan addresses:

1) Neurological Systems

2) Pathological, glandular and immune issues

3) Physiology -balancing body chemistry

4) Evaluating stress on the body- toxins, emotions and nutrition

The body is a self-healing organism. The nervous system controls everything. Physical, chemical, and emotional stress can overload the nervous system. Nervous system interference can produce dis-ease. Reducing nerve compromise revives the healing response.

We have procedures to address all 6 of the interferences to health mentioned above. Some folks may have 40% Structural imbalances and be 20% toxic with a little of this and a little that thrown in. Some just need a quick adjustment to realign their spine, reduce pain and improve nerve energy to the rest of their bodies. They are in the office for 10 -15 minutes. Those who need everything may spend an hour or two receiving different therapies.

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