Niki, Our Miracle Patient ~


"Due to a car accident, I had a burst fracture of T-12 which required 7 surgeries to repair severe damage. I have 2 Harrington rods, 14 inches long to hold my spine together. I have had 4 bone grafts to put the bone back together. I was told I would never walk again. The orthopedist told me just to accept it, I would be wheelchair bound for the rest of my life. I lived in constant pain and was on very heavy pain medications that barely helped. I was depressed on top of it all and had almost given up.

When I first came to Dr. Cross, I was barely able to walk with a cane. Now, I have cut my pain medicine in half, and for the first time in 6 years I AM ABLE TO WALK WITHOUT A CANE! I am able to do all my own shower care, clean house, care for my husband, and work in the yard. I have truly gone from a severely disabled person, back to the person I was years ago!

There is no way to explain the difference in my life. Every week I get better. I'm sure that I will be totally off pain medicine soon. I can not say enough wonderful things about this office and Dr. Cross. He gave me my life back!

Don't wait like I did. Do something about your body now - see Dr. Cross!" ~ Nakita P.

Maryline K. ~
"The improved posture I noticed immediately, I walked more easily, the pain went away and so did the tightness. I could move more easily, it didn't hurt when I had to turn my head while driving. It was amazing that I no longer had pain, it improved my quality of life."

Bob F. ~
"The dizziness was greatly improved in 1 week."


Maddie & Rachael D. ~
Allergies, Sinus Infections & Nose Bleeds - 5 years. "Severe Allergies, throat & sinus infections, couldn*t breath thru nose." Then Something Amazing Happened. "After 6 weeks no throat & sinus infections, no nose bleeds, we can breath thru nose again."

Harold C. ~
"Have been to 4 chiropractors and only Dr. Cross has made great improvement in my quality of life."

Marika L. ~
"Could not move freely without pain, it hurt to sneeze - Now I move without worrying about stabbing pain in my back."

Angela F.~Fagan__A.JPG
Knee, Back & Neck Pain - 5 years. "I had piercing pain going through my knee, leg and neck area for years!" Then Something Amazing Happened. "Dr. Cross worked with me and I felt complete relief in only 3 weeks!"

Michelle M. ~
"My headaches have ceased, I actually gained a half inch in height. My posture at work has improved (dental hygiene), so I'm not in any pain when I leave the office"

Matt D. ~
"I am a very active individual and have abused my body as an athlete over the years. I have come to appreciate how much Dr. Cross' chiropractic care has helped me over the 28 years I have been seeing him."


Debi B. ~
"I can stand on my feet a lot longer and I do not have to take pills for migraines. I feel that this was the best care I have ever received. Before I used to only have the bone cracking done and the twisting you up like a pretzel. This was much more comfortable. I have scoliosis and I've never felt better."

Linda T. ~
"Excellent care; Activator method is my favorite! I'm now pain free, I can exercise vigorously, I have more energy, quality of sleep has improved."

Stephanie C. ~
"Because of a friend who was under Dr. Cross's care, I came to see him. She was wheelchair bound and now she walks! I feel God led me to Dr. Cross through my friend. What a blessing he has been!"

Gerry E. ~
I'm able to return to normal activites. I can also sleep better at night. Headaches vanish after each treatment. I can work at the computer for longer periods since my neck feels better."

Larry B.~Brown__L.JPG
Whiplash / Herniated Cervical Disc - 3 years. "I had constant neck, arm, elbow & hand pain". Then Something Amazing Happened. "My neck, arm, elbow & hand pain disappeared after 4 weeks!"

Betty C. ~
"I can walk, sit, sleep, move better than I have for many years. My visits with Dr. Cross have made my life normal again."

Carol F. ~
"I felt much calmer and my back and hips felt stronger with no more pain. I truly believe my plantar fasciitis pain was relieved."

John G. ~
"I learn new marvels every appointment. I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for the treatments I get, especially after getting rear-ended 2 1/2 years ago."

Danielle H. ~
"I've been to a few other chiropractors and no one knows my spine like Dr. Cross!"


Janet D. ~
"I totally believe in Dr. Cross and his chiropractic care for making me feel better in so many ways. I can't explain it, but it makes you feel better all over."

Michele C. ~
"Not only did my vertigo symptoms go away, but I noticed that my arthritis flare-ups diminished. Also, stress was easier to deal with."

Ursula C.~Cutler__U.JPG
Herniated Disc - 4 years. "I had spinal surgery for herniated disc that didn't help and left me with constant pain." Then Something Amazing Happened. "After seeing Dr. Cross my low back pain went away."

Ronda K. ~
"I am amazed at every treatment as to how much chiropractic medicine affects our bodies."

Margaret F. ~
"I have a very active life style and Dr. Cross is keeping me pain free -- Praise to our Lord first -- and Dr. Cross second!"

Young__J.JPGJora Y.~
Neck, Shoulder & Arm Pain - 25 years! "I saw an orthopedic doctor, massage therapist, etc... No help." Then Something Amazing Happened. "I am pain free. Dr. Cross is a true compassionate & gifted healer."

Sarah D. ~
"Dr. Cross found through x-ray that one of my hips was higher than the other. His adjustments put them back in place and realigned my spine. My relief is wonderful!"

Craig M. ~
Dr. Cross is an unusually talented and skilled doctor and came highly recommended by my son & daughter-in-law."


Clair B. ~
"I no longer have any numbness, no pain in my neck or back. I sleep great and I love the new pillow. I feel more rested and have more energy. I feel great. I highly recommend Dr. Cross. He is so attentive and achieves great results!"

Sharon G. ~
"Everyone here is very professional but also friendly, warm and caring. It's always a pleasant experience."

Elvin K. ~
"I thought I would have to live with shoulder pain forever! I just want to thank Dr. Cross for his comforting manner and professionalism he exhibits during each visit. Thanks for caring for other's needs."

Al S. ~
"I would recommend Dr. Cross to anyone with back pain and the way he administers treatments."

Schlosser__V.JPGVan S.~
Severe Sciatica & Low Back Pain - 25 years. "I have had severe sciatica, low back pain, and was bent over." Then Something Amazing Happened. "Within 3 weeks my leg and low back pain was gone. I'm able to work again & get my life back."

Jeanne H. ~
"I'm very pleased with Dr. Cross's treatments and his desire to provide the latest proven methods of care in his field."

Sonja M. ~
"Dr. Cross is my only doctor. He keeps me healthy, which keeps me away from "traditional" medicine. He is knowledgeable about herbs and natural techniques that complement health. He is all about health, not disease. He respects my schedule and never keeps me waiting."

Betty K. ~
"I would say he has helped me 100%. I would advise anyone to give him a chance. He is the most dedicated physician I have ever been to."


Janet M. ~
"I have had this problem several times, mostly after falling, and each time this has been the only treatment that has eliminated the pain and leg weakness."

Anna W. ~
"My pain started to recede, I was able to move my neck and back slowly but with less pain and the treatments were never painful. Dr. Cross always takes great care of me."

Darryl B. ~
"I had a great increase in the strength of my legs. I had fallen several times. The pain which had kept me awake, diminished."

Dorothy C. ~
"I would recommend Dr. Cross to any of my friends!"

James D. ~
"Dr. Cross knows how to relieve pain and stress. He has a great bedside manner and he talks to you, not down to you."

Sherrie C. ~
"I would be happy to refer loved ones, friends or family in the future to this office."

Lucas B. ~
"Fantastic, not like manipulative chiropractor that I had been seeing."


Nicki D. ~
"I feel pretty much back to normal with complete flexibility and no pain."

Shirley F. ~
"I have no pain, can walk without pain, can vacuum, mop floors, wash clothes, etc..."

Matt B.~
"The back pain is getting resolved and I'm learning to stretch and use my body the way that I am supposed to. Dr. Cross is very knowledgable in his practice and seems to take the extra step that others might not have. I would strongly recomend his practice to friends and family."

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