Sciatic Nerve

Your sciatic nerve is your longest and largest nerve. It is made up of five roots that leave your low back, join in your pelvis and then travels to the muscles and joints of your thigh, knee, calf, ankle, foot and toes.

What is Sciatica?

If your sciatic nerve becomes inflamed the condition is called sciatica. The pain can be intense! It often follows the path of your nerve down the back of the legs and thighs, ankle, foot and toes, but can also radiate to your low back! Along with burning, sharp pains, you may also feel nerve sensations such as tingling, crawling sensations, tenderness, and your leg may feel numb!

To complicate matters, although sciatica pain is usually in the back of the leg or thigh, in some people it can be in the front or side of the legs or even in the hips. For some, the pain is in both legs!

The quality of the pain may vary. There may be constant throbbing but then it may let up for hours or even days: it may ache or be knife-like. Sometimes postural changes, like lying down or changing positions, affect the pain and sometimes they don't. In severe cases, sciatica can caise a loss of reflexes or even a wasting of your calf muscles.

Causes of Sciatica

Sciatica has a wide variety of causes but an unhealthy spine with a protruded or herniated disc can irritate the sciatic nerve causing sciatica. Sciatica has been reported following accidents, injuries, and even childbirth, usually due to spinal misalignment. However, advanced diabetes can also cause sciatic nerve irritation, as can arthritis, constipation, tumors, and vitamin deficiencies.

Fortunately, sciatica often responds to safe, natural chiropractic care.

Improving joint motion with a series of chiropractic adjustments has produced results for millions. "Before" and "after" images of the lower back often show improved disc height and spacing. Many patients report that they can resume their lives and that their symptoms disappear without drugs or surgery.

Dr. Cross is uniquely skilled to evaluate and reduce the most common cause of sciatica nerve pain. It's the natural approach to relief and better health.

There is hope!

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