Disc problems- Spinal Stenosis

Pressure on weak discs can cause your outer ligaments to stretch and the nucleus to bulge. Continued pressure can lead to a torn, ruptured or herniated disc. Tears on the outer ligament casing allow the contents of your disc to squeeze out.

The "escaped" material can press against a nerve, causing severe pain and nerve irritation. Or, the jelly-like material can create a painful inflammatory reaction.

Disc tears, or ruptures, often take place with sudden, forceful movements, such as a fall, heavy lifting, an auto accident, or even a violent sneeze! When your discs bulge or rupture, they lose their ability to cushion and absorb shock. The rest of you spine can weaken, which leads to stiffness and PAIN!

The aim of chiropractic is to restore complete function to the affected disc or joint. The sooner you receive proper care, the better your chances of complete recovery!

By restoring normal range of motion to your joints, your discs can receive proper nutrients from surrounding fluids. To you, that means healthier discs, more movement, and less pain! Spinal stenosis is narrowing of the spinal canal due to spinal degeneration which puts pressure on the nerves as they exit the spine. We can help this painful and debilitating condition.

This uniquely effective program of care removes nerve interferences so your body can heal itself! Please see our Vertebral Distraction Pump and Cold Laser section under Services!

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